Since 2013, Meet, See, Do – a conference that makes the difference – has gathered more than 350 museum and heritage professionals, from over 15 countries, discussing different issues on more than 80 sessions.

Meet, See, Do is the annual traveling conference of the Balkan Museum Network designed for sharing ideas and knowledge among professionals from the Balkans and beyond, creating international links and partnerships.

«What I really like about Meet, See, Do are real topics with real project, and the fact that we talk about right issues in the right way. I guess what Meet, See, Do does different from any other conference I go to is that you hear people talk from experience on very highly relevant issues but in a humble way, in a real way.»

Jasper Visser, change agent, MSD facilitator

Meet, See, Do aims to inspire and encourage participants to improve their work, exchange opinions, discuss relevant topics in museology and heritage protection, and learn new ways in safeguarding valuable heritage through different problem-solving approaches. Established common ground between themselves and other community actors opens up new opportunities.

«I love being here because this conference gathers people of similar feelings about museum and museum work. It is a great place to exchange ideas, to make collaboration and in the end to make some friends.»

Slađana Velendečić, Museum of Vojvodina, MSD facilitator

The conference has been organized in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Tirana (Albania), Novi Sad (Serbia) and Shkodra (Albania). The fifth annual conference will be held from 6 to 8 April 2017 in Prishtina, Kosovo.